Gift Ideas for Older Family Members

If you are looking for some thoughtful gifts for the holidays this season, I’ve done some homework for you.  It’s important to think of what will improve their quality of life; whether that’s through pure enjoyment, something unique to their personality, or something that will help improve on their daily living.  Here are some great gift ideas:

  1. ViewClix is a 10”-15” digital picture frame that displays a photo slideshow, and live video streaming calls as well.  $199-$299
    • Family members use an app to add photos
    • Family members video call live, with automatic answer, no buttons to push!
    • Only those invited to use the app have access
  2. Adult Coloring Books with Markers/colored pencils
    • Good for mindfulness and relaxation.
    • Helps hand-eye coordination and cognition.
  3. Portable Elliptical Trainer about $120.
    • Low impact for joints.
    • Increases circulation and calorie burning.
  4. On-line Lifelong Leaning $120-$180 annual membership. Learn from masters of their trade.  Deepen your understanding or explore new and interesting subjects.

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