Care Advocacy

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

“I live hours away from my parent and worry about them constantly.”

“My children need me, but so do my parents. I feel like I’m pulled in opposite directions. I just can’t do it all!”

“What happens if my parent goes to the hospital unexpectedly, or has a fall? I don’t have anyone to check on them.”

Happier At Home care advocates give peace of mind by being the eyes and ears as a surrogate family member to seniors. Our care advocate will help to avoid a crisis before it occurs by making regular scheduled visits with your loved one. When a crisis occurs, we’ll assess the situation, comfort your loved one, and formulate a plan of action, all the while staying in close touch with the family, but it requires action and planning now.

Care advocates act as a guide, advocate and resource for families caring for older and disabled relatives. They provide personal attention and focus on the client’s specific situation, goals, and needs. With changes in healthcare, planning care is a confusing ordeal. Your care advocate will help you navigate the system by interacting with healthcare and other service providers to make sure you receive quality care and are protected from those individuals that may take advantage of those most vulnerable.