4 Ways to Help Seniors Feel Appreciated

Showing small gestures of appreciation for the seniors in our lives can make a massive impact to theirs. Here are small ways that you can make a senior loved one feel appreciated:

  • Cook Dinner With/For Them- Sharing a meal together is one of the most common ways that we show love and appreciation for one another. Whether it is cooking together or having the meal ready for them, sharing the meal together is the key.
  • Ask Them to Share Stories- Seniors love sharing stories from their youth and talking about “the good old days”. Asking them questions or to share a specific story shows genuine interest and helps them to feel fulfilled.
  • Get Involved in Something They Enjoy- Seniors usually have a few hobbies that they enjoy participating in. Asking questions about these hobbies or even participating yourself will show them that you care about the things that they enjoy and will also give them the opportunity to teach/show you something.
  • Ask Them to Teach You Something- Recipes, methods of doing something, languages, etc. are all great examples of things that a senior can teach you. Having the ability to teach you something gives them a feeling of empowerment.
helping seniors feel appreciated