5 Reasons to get an In-Home Assessment

The need for in-home senior care is increasing at a rapid rate as the population ages. However, some people may be resistant to accepting help and may delay the initial step to begin care services, putting them at risk. An in-home assessment allows the home care company and their providers to understand an individual’s unique needs and establish a customized care plan and schedule.

Here are the top five reasons to get an in-home assessment:

1. The more information, the better.
Knowledge obtained enables informed decisions related to planning, costs, scheduling, provider comparisons and more. 

2. Provides a referral for other professionals. 

A comprehensive list of services necessary to remain independent will be developed,  along with professional recommendations within a trusted network. 

3. Establish a relationship with the care company.
Care plans can begin with just a few hours each week that can increase as needed, while keeping the same caregiver and establishing a beneficial relationship. 

4. Prevention of problems.
Support can help prevent several issues that contribute to the need to move out of home, including falls, malnutrition, and depression.

5. The assessment is free.
Don’t wait until there’s a crisis situation. There is no cost, and the assessment can be kept even if care isn’t started right away.

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