5 Reasons to get an In-Home Assessment

The need for assistance of caregivers in the home for the elderly is increasing at a rapid rate as the population ages.  However, some that are resistant to accepting help delay a necessary step in the process of getting care started, putting them at risk.  The in-home assessment allows the home care company to understand the needs of the senior and establish a plan of care and schedule.  The top five reasons to get an in-home assessment today are:

5) The more information the better– Enables for planning re: cost, schedule, comparing   

     companies, etc.

4) Provides a referral for other professionals– Assesses what professionals and other

    services are needed to remain home.

3) Establish a relationship with the company– Can start with a few hours and increase

                  as needed, keeping the same caregiver

2) Prevent problems– Prevention from falls, malnutrition, depression, the need for   

    moving out of their home

1) The assessment is free– Don’t wait until there’s a crisis situation, the assessment can

    be kept even if care isn’t started right away

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