5 Ways to Revamp Your Space

Our clients prefer remaining in their homes and maintaining their independence. With doing so, we want to ensure that their space is inviting, motivating, and comforting. Here are 5 ways to revamp your senior loved ones space:

1.Bring in More Light– The brighter your space is, the happier it is perceived to be. Bring in more natural daylight into your space by adding lighter white curtains to the windows. By ditching the dark, thick curtains you will automatically open the space and make it feel happier.
2.Add Color- Implementing color into your space can dramatically change the feel of the room. Try adding colored pillows or art to the walls as easy ways to add color.
3.Personalize– Many seniors don’t see their families as often as they would like. Personalizing the space with photos of family can help to make them feel more included. Digital frames with rotating photos and canvases on the walls are both great options.
4.Add Helpful Tools– Things like nightlights, motion sensor and activated lights are all extremely helpful tools to add to seniors’ space. We gave more examples of these at cost effective prices here on an earlier blog.
5.Add Flowers/Plants– Fresh flowers and plants always help to revamp your space. Adding these is a simple way to create a more open ambiance.

With the help of our caregivers, you can implement these tips and give your senior loved one a fresh, revamped space!

revamp your space