Avoiding Open Enrollment Scams

Open Enrollment time is Medicare scam time! Tis the season to shop for the right Medicare plan for you.  Those eligible for Medicare have until Dec. 7th to enroll in the plan they choose. Unfortunately, scammers are around every corner using any opportunity to target older Americans.  The purpose is to get personal or financial information to steal your identity or your money.  Here’s how to avoid some scams this open enrollment time.

Be on alert if:

  1. Real or impersonated insurance providers offer free gifts or limited-time offers.
  1. Free medical supplies
  2. Free gifts, asking for your credit card information for shipping costs
  1. You receive a call claiming to be from Medicare, to verify your personal information to issue a “new” card.  
  1. Medicare is not sending out new cards!
  1. Pressure you to buy often worthless supplemental insurance products that will supposedly save thousands.
  1. Medicare will never call you out of the blue.
  1. “Spoofing” technology makes it look like incoming calls are coming from Medicare, so your Caller ID is not trustworthy. 

You can compare plans by going to www.medicare.gov or by calling us to refer you to a trusted professional. Stay informed of new scams with the AARP Fraud Alerts.