Benefits of Geriatric Care Management & Advocacy

With constant changes in healthcare, creating a solid care plan can be a confusing and challenging ordeal. A Geriatric Care Manager can help you navigate the system by interacting with healthcare and other service providers to make sure the patients receive quality care and are also protected from those individuals who may take advantage of our senior population. 

Geriatric Care Managers provide personal attention and focus on the specific situation and needs. An in-depth assessment is first completed (no comma) that considers physical, social, emotional, cognitive, safety needs, personal preferences, and financial resources to develop a plan of care which will focus on the family and the client’s personal goals. 

The care plan is dynamic and will change with illnesses, changes in cognitive abilities, or due to many other factors.  The plan should be monitored and suggest adjustments as needs change to ensure that your loved one remains safe, happy, and well cared for. 

Oftentimes, families of our clients live out of town. A care manager gives peace of mind that your loved one is getting the attention he or she needs and helps to prevent a crisis before it occurs. However, if a crisis does occur, the care manager will be there for guidance, management, and support. They also may attend medical appointments and provide feedback to the appropriate family members. If the client is hospitalized, they will work with hospital staff and attend discharge conferences to help develop a discharge plan focused on your loved one’s goals. Below is a list of services of some of the Geriatric Care Managers may provide:

  • Advocacy with Health & Service Providers
  • Medication Management & Set up
  • Re-Assessment & Monitoring for Changing Needs
  • Resource for Transitions to Independent/Assisted Living or Nursing Home
  • Coordination of Services to assist in maintaining Goals
  • Resource and Connection to Support Services such as Elder Law Attorneys, Veteran’s    

Administration, Financial Planners, and Community Resources

  • Guidance and Referrals to Preserve Financial Resources
  • Home Safety Inspection/ Equipment needs
  • Attend Discharge Meetings
  • Medical Appointment scheduling and accompaniment