Caregiver Spotlight: Pamela Wood

We like to highlight our caregivers and show our appreciation for the work that they do. Pamela Wood is a caregiver at our Rochester Happier at Home. Below she shares her experience working with Happier at Home as a caregiver and how her experience has been thus far:

“I have so enjoyed working for Happier at Home. It is so rewarding to know you have brightened someone’s day. I try to balance empathy and concern with encouraging them to “see the glass half full”, to look on the bright side of life. I encourage the people I work with to make life “the best it can be”. We all need to be encouraged at times.”

“My goal is to improve our clients’ quality of life”

“My goal is to improve our clients’ quality of life. This may be achieved by being a kind, caring listener, encouraging them to have fun through games and music or lending some assistance when needed. I show them I am genuinely interested in what they have to say and show my respect and appreciation for them. “

“Our clients are a deserving population that have a lot to offer us in return. They have survived many experiences most of us have not had and have a lot of wisdom to share with those willing to listen.
I let them know I find time spent with them valuable. I genuinely enjoy their company. I hope that with attentive, respectful, and personalized care, I can help them retain their independence and dignity. If I can also make them laugh and smile… all the better.”

Its caregivers like Pamela that truly make an impact in our clients lives and allow families to have trust in us. Thank you for all the work you do for Happier at Home!