Extra Help This Summer With Care Advocates

Traveling this summer and concerned about leaving your loved one? Oftentimes families of older loved ones live out of town away from where they may be able to assist.  A Care Advocate can provide peace of mind that your loved one is getting the attention he or she needs and help to prevent a crisis before it occurs.  If a crisis does occur, a care advocate will provide guidance, management and support. 

Care Advocates may attend medical appointments with your loved one and provide feedback to family members.  If hospitalized, a care advocate will work with hospital staff and attend discharge conferences to help develop a discharge plan focused on your loved one’s goals.  

Care Advocates focus on your loved one’s specific situation and needs.  They can help with:

  • Check in on your loved one
  • Medication Management
  • Resource for Transitions to Independent/Assisted Living or Nursing Home
  • Coordination of Services to assist in maintaining Goals
  • Connection to Support Services such as Elder Law Attorneys,

Financial Planners

  • Guidance and Referrals to Preserve Financial Resources
  • Medical Appointment scheduling and accompaniment
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