Helping Your Parents From Afar

Living away from your elderly parents can be stressful and present challenges.  Learn the steps that can be taken to meet these potential problems:

  1. Home safety Evaluation.
    1. We’ll check for needed accommodations, tripping hazards, (electrical cords, area rugs, and general clutter.)
  2. Copy of their HIPAA release with your contact information on it
  3. Understand their medical history and medications, attend appointments if possible or have a care advocate do so
  4. Help manage and monitor their finances
  5. Rehearse what to do in emergencies, create a first aid kit
  6. Create an emergency plan
  7. Transportation, meal-planning, shopping.
  8. Care Advocates help organize and attend doctor’s appointments, manage prescriptions, or managing modifications to the home. Happier At Home’s services can make sure your loved ones are safe and that there is someone checking in on them and reporting back.
  9. Regular phone calls, letters, and emails will help keep your parents’ spirits up.
  10. Create responsibilities for each family member and update each other
  11. Enlist the help of a care advocate or companion services
  12. Stay in touch

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