Home Exercise & Physical Therapy For Seniors

In 2020, technological advancement is trending to change the way we function as a society. There have been advancements in software programs for the purpose of improving patient outcomes with home physical therapy programs.  People who adhere to their prescribed home exercise program tend to progress and recover much more quickly than those who don’t do anything outside of their physical therapy sessions. 

Home exercise programs are usually given in the form of written instructions with diagrams.

Digital software and mobile interfaces can provide the following benefits to your mobile device:

  • Real live video demonstration
  • Pre-recorded video-based exercises
  • Customizable
  • Tracks and reports to your provider

Additionally, since exercises are often being done when you are in pain, it’s important to look for motivating factors to stay compliant with your digital home exercise program:

  • In-app gaming and reward programs
  • Fun tracking with positive reinforcement
  • Sets goals to attain
  • Accountability to provider
  • Text Reminders

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