Home Modifications & Offering a Solution

President Marie Rodriguez joins FOX Rochester to share senior care tips

Home modifications offer a better way to heal, live, and move. The goal of home modifications is keeping people in their home environment where they want to stay and where they love to be.

What types of Home Modifications are there?

-Stair Lifts

-Wheelchair Ramps

-Safety Rails

-Shower and Bathroom Conversions

There are other types of modifications that are not necessarily changing layouts of homes or adding things such as a stairlift or bathroom modifications.

Other Items for solutions to remaining in your home?

-Lift Chair Recliners

-Mobility Scooters

-Power Wheelchairs

-Therapeutic Mattress’

How would I know what is right for my home or the best lift reclining chair and wheelchair/scooter?

There are some companies that offer in-home free assessments and evaluations. This would be when a representative from the company would come to the home and offer ideas and suggestions for the best fit of their customer.

There is also an opportunity to visit showrooms to find the best comfort and fit for power lift recliners and wheelchairs and scooters.