Keeping on Track with Your 2024 New Year’s Resolutions

We all have the best intentions to stick to New Year’s resolutions, but so often these resolutions drop off quickly.  Why not make it part of your routine to have a half-year check-in?  Did you write down your goals, write down your plan to achieve them, and journal throughout the year?  This will help to keep you on track and no, it is not too late to start! 

Start by examining your goals and set your sights on improving your quality of life. Consider your mental and physical well-being and have fun!  Not only will this help you, but help others in the process. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

1.      Goal: Increase social connectivity.  Plan: Make at least one phone call a day to family and friends.  Journal: Each week, write down who you will call, perhaps rotating names and checking them off as you connect with them.

2.      Goal: Teach your family about your culture. Plan: Examine what elements of your culture have been left by the wayside.  Think of holidays, family recipes, and traditions.  Journal: Write down the traditions, holiday traditions and family recipes that you want to share with your family.  Create a calendar and implement sharing your cultural traditions. 

3.      Goal: Share your life experiences and life lessons. Plan: Think of the events and challenges throughout your life and about lessons that you’ve gleaned as a result.  Talk with your children & grandchildren about these things. Journal: Write your memories of these events.  Ex/ How you met your spouse, what your first date was like how you overcame challenges, and lessons you learned from mistakes made. 

4.      Goal: Complete a bucket list item. Plan/Journal: Write down the top ten items on your bucket list. Write down which item you will accomplish first, and how you will implement your plan.