Travel Prep for Seniors

As Fall arrives many seniors start planning for vacationing during the winter months. Preparation for safe travels will provide peace of mind for you and your loved one. Many seniors have the means to travel and enjoy a sunny vacation, but they should be sure to keep these travel tips in mind when planning a trip:

  • Know your limitations. Arrange for assistance like wheelchairs or luggage carts, request pre-boarding assistance on airplanes, trains, and buses.
  • Know what to do with oxygen. Oxygen tanks are combustible, and airlines do not allow them. Some airlines allow passengers to bring portable oxygen concentrators, but you must be sure yours is on the FAA-approved list before planning to fly.
  • Carry an index card with your information. Include essential information such as:
    • Personal info: name, emergency contact number, date of birth, etc.
    • Medical Diagnoses
    • Current medications, including dosage and frequency. Include allergies
    • Name and phone number of your doctors and pharmacy.
  • Get enough medication to last the trip. If possible, get a prescription for the length of your trip, even if it’s two to three months.
  • Pack your carry-on wisely.
    • All your medication in their original containers.
    • Snacks, especially if your medication requires food. Stay hydrated, think ahead to be prepared in case of a delay.
    • A small pillow/ neck pillow, and a blanket.
  • Consider compression stockings. Sitting for long periods of time can in rare occasions cause blood clots. Wear compression stockings and get up and move around every couple of hours.
  • Hire a travel companion. Happier at Home offers travel escorts to help you throughout your trip, or just during travel. Consider taking a family member or caregiver along.

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