The American Legion: Benefiting Our Community

Since its inception by Congress in 1919, The American Legion has delivered substantial improvements for veterans, families, and communities. With 13,000 posts across the US and beyond, the legion offers many services and activities that bring our veterans and communities together. Veterans and their family members find meaning in helping others, while also socializing and enriching their own lives. The average age of a member is 67 years old, with 400,000 members over the age of 80.

The American Legion Family Membership is classified as follows:

  1. The American Legion- Veterans
  2. The Sons of The American Legion- Parents or grandparents served
  3. The American Legion Auxiliary- Daughters/sons, wives/husbands, sisters/brothers, grandchildren
  4. American Legion Riders- Anyone who is a member of any of the 3 families

There are hundreds of activities for socialization and fundraising to include:

  1. Benefit Concerts
  2. Special event dinners like Fish Fry Fridays, Wing Nights
  3. Golf Tournaments
  4. Baseball Leagues
  5. Holiday Parties and events- Easter egg hunt, Christmas party, Memorial and Veteran’s Day parades, Wreathes Across America, Derby Party
  6. (Steak) Bingo, Euchre tournaments, Cornhole, Queen of Hearts
  7. The American Legion Legacy Ride annually
  8. Attending/supporting Honor Flight
  9. Members could visit any post across the country

To find a chapter near you, and detailed information, go to All posts are welcoming new youthful members for their ideas and experiences.