Transportation for Seniors

Transportation is integral for seniors to continue living a comfortable life, begging the question: what are alternatives when driving is no longer an option for them?

Safe Driving Alternatives

  1. Home Care Agency: Home care agencies, like Happier at Home, are the best options for seniors who can no longer drive themselves. Seniors are provided with consistent drivers who are strictly scheduled to that client and none others for certain durations. If needed, drivers will help seniors in and out of cars for a variety of situations, such as going to the doctors office, visiting a pharmacy, or running errands. These drivers will also wait inside with a client at/during a primary care doctor visit, and will help them with getting prescriptions and groceries. Hiring a home care agency is the best option to maintain and strengthen you and your family’s peace of mind.
  2. Public Transportation: Public trasnportation is a valid option for seniors who may have better mobility, as they have to get on and off themselves. Further, they will not have anyone waiting for/with them and will have to wait longer for a bus or cab.
  3. Rideshare: Rideshare, like Uber and Lyft, are strong options, but again they will not have as much assistance or guidance as they would have with a home care agency.

All of these options are important to get seniors moving and out of the house to partcipate in their community. It is important to explore all of these options, as avoiding isolation and lonliness is integral to the health and safety of your loved ones.

Tough Conversations

Many family members worry about their elderly family members continuing to drive for their own safety and those around them. If you worry about any of your family members, it would be best to consult their primary care doctor; they help makes this difficult conversation a little bit easier. When you visit their doctor, you should alert them of any changes you notice and additional information on why you do not think it is beneficial for them to drive anymore. Seniors may try to dismiss your advice, but are likely to listen to their doctor, especially when they realize they could be endangering themselves and others on the road.