5 Ways In-Home Care Can Help Seniors

In-home care provides a plethora of benefits to the seniors that are able to receive the care. We wanted to highlight 5 ways you probably didn’t know that in-home care can help seniors:

  • Keeping Seniors Connected– In-home care can often help to relieve any feelings of loneliness that seniors experience. 43% of seniors reported feeling lonely on a regular basis. Caregivers help to provide that feeling of companionship to their clients socially.
  • Transportation– Transportation services are one of the underrated services that we offer at Happier at Home. We are happy to help seniors get to their doctors’ appointments, take them to the store, religious services, social engagements, etc. We want our senior clients to know that lack of transportation availability should never be a reason to not attend an engagement.
  • Fall Prevention– Many falls that seniors experience can be preventable by simply assessing the home and making adjustments and modifications where falls can occur. Preventing the fall from happening by removing the threat is a critical way to put seniors’ safety first. CEO and Founder of Happier at Home, Debbie Marcello, shared some finds from the Dollar Store that can be added to any household that can help prevent falls as well for very affordable prices.
  • Stress Relief– If you are providing caregiving to a senior loved one that can often be taxing on you as well. Happier at Home provides Respite Care which allows you to relieve any stress and take a break. That way, you can return back refreshed and ready to provide caregiving to your senior loved one and know that they are cared for while you rest.
  • Transitional Care– When you are discharged from the hospital, readjusting to everyday life can become difficult. Our caregivers are happy to help you with any needs you may have when transitioning from the hospital back home. Whether it is transportation services, picking up medications or other needs, our care can help.

Our goal is to make sure that seniors are cared for and supported in every area of their life at every stage. Contact your nearest Happier at Home today to bring your care needs to life!