Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for Seniors

Many seniors find aquatic workouts to be a great way to improve their physical well-being.  Water exercises can relieve symptoms from conditions like arthritis and circulatory problems while also improving mental well-being.  The fact that exercising in water is low-impact reduces the potential for injury, and can have the following benefits:

  1. Joint pain relief– less stress on joints due to the buoyancy, helps arthritis, stiffness, the ability to exercise with less pain
  1. Cardio–¬†Immersion in water helps the heart transport oxygen to your muscles, 2.5 hours a week are recommended
  1. Losing weightРObese people may not be able to tolerate the stress of gravity on land.  The stress on your joints is reduced, making it easier to exercise for longer
  1. Improve balance– Practicing balance in water allows for more time to react when losing balance, training your muscles to react to waves in water
  1. Build friendships– Meet people, socialize, support and bond.