Dating Again

All too often, when a spouse dies, the surviving spouse’s life seems to fall apart.  Loneliness, depression, poor eating habits, boredom and lack of purpose plaque those widowed.  Today’s longer life expectancy and changes in the social scene have made it possible to find romance again; often times giving a renewed sense of purpose. 

Dating Tips for Older Adults

  1. Some may feel guilt of being the surviving spouse, finding it necessary to work through these emotions before looking for a partner to enjoy time with.  (Ex/ In Rochester, Neutral Ground, other support groups)
  1. Trust your instincts about someone.  While some of the social norms have changed, others remain the same. For women who are meeting a man for the first time, it’s a good idea to tell a friend where you are going and to meet in a public place. And just like you did in high school, a group date is a good way to get to know someone without pressure.
  1. One change is that it’s no longer a hard and fast rule that men initiate the first date or always pick up the check. Women can make that first phone call or send the initial email, and offer to pay half the price of the date.

Places to Find Love

  • Senior centers, which offer a range of activities
  • Dinner dances, clubs for seniors ( shows many singles groups.)
  • The gym, where you’ll meet other active seniors
  • Events for your grandchildren (Ex./ sporting events, music recitals, school plays, etc.)
  • Classes, such as dance, cooking or continuing education
  • Your church or temple, where many seniors have active roles
  • Volunteering
  • Online dating