National Mature Woman’s Day

National Mature Woman’s Day is a day to recognize mature and confident women. Registered by famed makeup artist Laura Geller, it is meant to spotlight women who are role models and influencers every day of their lives. It’s a good time for older women to embrace self-love and a positive attitude towards aging.

In a culture that typically views aging as a period of decline, but no matter how old we are or what challenges we live with, life is about continuing to grow.  Older women have an opportunity to not only mentor their children, but to enrich the lives of all they associate with. by participating in the balance of giving and receiving, they continue to create a life worth living. 

By sharing their experiences and life lessons learned, any older person can combat loneliness and helplessness while also sharing the decades of experience to elevate others.  The following are ideas that will help the mature woman to celebrate the person she has become:

  1. Journal your history and share with family or mentees- This allows you to reminisce about memories of growing up, interesting stories, and major events in your life.  It helps with:
    1. Your identity, to show that you are not a shell of a person, but a person that contributed and continues to contribute to the lives of others. 
    2. It gives an opportunity for family to connect and learn from you, and carry on traditions and culture which is an important part of a life worth living. 
    3. It gives you the benefit of knowing that you are helping others and contributing to someone else’s life.
  1. Volunteer time sharing your expertise- Whether you are a professional, are a stay at home mother, or have an interesting hobby, you have the ability to be a mentor and support.  Seek out and mentor through organizations such as:
    1. The Small Business Administration
    3. Churches/ Synagogues
    4. School programs

This day is all about reminding women that they have much to offer with their advancing years, while at the same time increase your feeling of self-worth.  We celebrate all mature women today!