Senior Care and Housing Resources

It can be overwhelming watching your parent or loved one lose the strength or abilities as they age. As a daughter or son, chances are you will need to step in at some point and at least support your aging parent in finding resources to assist them.  Whether the focus is aging in place, or finding a senior community for them to move into, the question will become, “where do I turn for resources about all things aging?” This is especially important information to have if your loved one lives afar.  Below are free referral sources that you can find in your community and on-line:

  1. The Office of the Aging in your county- Call, visit, or visit online
  1. Geriatric Care Managers- Happier At Home
  1. Local senior care organizations- ex/Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly, will have a list of trusted providers
  1. Care Patrol- Senior advisor free to you, receive compensation from company/community
  1. Elder Law attorneys, geriatric care manager
  1. Veteran’s benefits organizations
  1. Statewide directory for all states: