Facts About Falls

The CDC reports that one in four seniors over the age of 65 fall each year, but less than half tell their doctor. Falls can be incredibly serious and the hospital visits can be costly. Often times broken bones and head injuries are the result of a fall and if a senior falls once, they often develop a fear of falling again. This results in a lack of desire to complete everyday activities that they typically might have.

What Causes a Fall?

Many risk factors contribute to falling. These can include: Vitamin D deficiency, lower body weakness, difficulties with balance, certain medications, vision problems, foot pain/footwear, and unfit conditions in their living area.

Fall Prevention Tips

Often times falls are inevitable, but there are some tips you can implement to make sure your senior loved one prevents falls. Discuss medications with your doctor. Asking your doctor to review your medications, their side affects and how they mix with anything else you are taking is key. Your doctor can also evaluate your risk for falling. Another tip is to do strength and balance exercises. Getting a little bit of activity daily will aid in this. Getting your eyes checked is another critical thing to stay on top of. This includes updating your prescription when necessary. Finally, making sure your home is safe is critical. Adding grab bars, non-slip mats and removing anything you can fall on are great first steps.

Our Happier at Home caregivers will be glad to assess your home and make any of these changes to ensure that your space is safe! Additionally, they can assist you to any appointments you need. Check out which location is nearest to you!