Top 5 Travel Tips for Seniors

As traveling has started to resume again and we all are beginning to plan our vacations, we wanted to share the top 5 travel tips to keep in mind when traveling with older loved ones and seniors. These simple tips will ensure that you are prepared for your travels and alleviate any stresses:

  • Get Physicians Approval to Travel– Making your physician aware of your travel plans and getting their approval ensures that the travel process does not hinder your senior loved one in any way. Additionally, carrying a sheet with the prescriptions, dosages and doctors contact information is key when traveling. Have these medications in your carry on is another vital tip. That way these medications are easily accessible when needed.
  • Notify the Airline– Airlines can provide additional accommodations for your senior loved one including wheelchairs or help with boarding. Use this resource since it is available.
  • Have a Valid ID– Non-drivers ID are perfect for those seniors who may not drive anymore but still need identification for traveling.
  • Stay Hydrated and Prepared– Bring water and prepackaged snacks with you. This will help seniors, especially diabetics, who need to regulate blood sugar.
  • Save Aisle Seat for Seniors– Senior will be able to stretch as needed and keep their blood flowing as the aisle is more accessible. Additionally, there is easy bathroom access for them.
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Our caregivers can assist your senior loved one with any travel needs as well. Contact us to learn more!