Hand Pain and Tremors in Seniors

Occasional trembling hands and painful joints can occur at any age, but as you age, the likelihood increases.  Some types of hand tremors can be genetic, while some can be caused by diseases like Parkinson’s Disease.  Osteo arthritic changes become more common as you age.  Even the best medications used to treat tremors and hand pain rarely stop it completely.  It’s important to know what your options include for devices that may help you to live an active life with painful and/or shaky hands.  Below are some ideas that will help.

  1. Painful joints-
    1. Over the counter hand splints- thumb arthritis
    2. Compression gloves
    3. Adaptive Kitchen Utensils and Easy grip knives- Larger handles, handles on a different angle to prevent pressure on the joints when cutting, assistive can opener
  1. Tremulous hands
    1. Weighted glove (Readi Steady Glove)– Weighted on the back side of the hand
    2. Adaptive utensils- Are weighted
    3. Adaptive pen- Steady Write pen good for both arthritis and tremors.  Permanently attached base stabilizes hand at a special angle to smooth out shaking.