Medication Management Solutions Solution

Medication management is oftentimes one of the main concerns of our clients and their families. There are concerns over remembering to take medications, taking the correct amount and the effects of multiple medications taken at once. Studies show that about one quarter of all nursing home admissions are due, at least in part, to the inability to take medications correctly, such as forgetting to take medications, or accidentally taking too much. 

At Happier at Home we have a medication machine that alleviates some of the stresses associated with medication and provides a simple solution to this problem. The medication administration machine has been shown to improve adherence from 48% to 97% in a recent study at St. John Fisher College. 

Our medication machine allows your senior loved one to stay in their home, which is preferred by most seniors, by providing assistance to one of the main concerns of families. It gives you peace of mind when someone is not there to remind seniors to take their medication. 

Our caregivers at Happier at Home will make the process of installing and setting up the machine hassle free. They will monitor the machine and its notifications so that you can ensure it is being used effectively. Our caregivers manage the prescription refills and loading those into the machine. Additionally, our caregivers will relay any information to the loved ones of our clients including missed doses, etc. so you are always in the loop about their health. Another benefit of the medication machine is that they can be used on a month-to-month basis, meaning no long term contracts are necessary. 

Features of the Medication Machine:

  • The machine can bulk-load up to a 90-day supply of up to 16 different medications
  • The machine can send text/email messages if doses are late/missed
  • There is a portal for doctors of Happier at Home staff to view the days of medications remaining and compliance
  • The machine runs on WiFi and 24 hour battery backup

If you are interested in learning more about the medication machine and how it can be used for your loved one please contact us here to learn about your options. We are happy to discuss plans and modifications with you!