Preparing For Potential New Restrictions

Debbie joins FOX Rochester to discuss ways that your senior loved one can be better prepared for new restrictions.

With the uncertainty of various strains of COVID being discovered in our communities, planning is the best thing we can do to help our elder loved ones.  It is especially important for seniors to self-isolate and practice social distancing.  There are steps that we can take to help seniors plan for a potential lockdown and to help them remain in their home and independent. 

  1. Have caregivers in place
  • Companies such as Happier At Home
  • Prevents from the necessity of moving into a senior community
  • Treat yourself as though you’re an extension of the senior you’re caring for to prevent contracting and transmitting the virus. 
  1. Determine which form of technology you’ll use & teach them how to use it
  • Doctors’ appointments
  • Social visits
  1. Communicate frequently
  • Phone call
  • Video call
  1. Stock up on supplies
  • Medications – 3 months’ supply
  1. Set parameters for visitor/caregivers
  • Social distance
  • PPE
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Temperature checks
  1. Meal planning
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Caregiver to prepare

To find a full list of all of the ways that our senior caregivers can help your senior loved one check out our services here.

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