Private Home Care vs. Care From a Reputable Agency

A private duty caregiver refers to a caregiver that his hired directly and not through an agency.

The family and patient essentially are the employer.

The other option is to enlist an agency such as Happier At Home to provide the care for your loved one. 

The following are considerations when hiring a private caregiver, as an agency provides all of these services for you:

  1. Recruitment: What sources will you use? Internet, Ad placement 
  2. Screening: How will you screen initially?
    1. Over the phone, what qualities are important?
    2. Drug screening
    3. Will need to give some information about your loved one to determine interest
    4. How will you check their criminal history?
    5. How will you check their driving history?
    6. How will you check their reliability and work history?
    7. Personal and Professional reference checks?
    8. How will you know if they do not have a communicable disease?
  3. Interview: You’ll need to develop questions to ask that will help identify qualities and characteristics that you are looking for in a caregiver.  
  4. Training: You will be responsible for training
  5. Payroll/Benefits:
    1. Will you hire as a contractor/1099?
    2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance
    3. Disability Insurance
    4. Liability Insurance and Bonding
    5. What happens if he/she calls in sick?  Will you have backup? 

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