Services We Provide: Hospice Support

One of the services that Happier at Home provides is hospice support. Make the most of your precious time with your loved one by allowing us to help you through a difficult time.

When someone is dying, loved ones are often thrusted into the role of the caregiver, with little preparation or knowledge of what to expect. Our caregivers at Happier at Home can help to alleviate this burden by providing respite to your family members who need it. This might include responsibilities such as cooking, grocery shopping, arranging medical appointments, or simply being by your loved one’s side to know they are not alone. Having an aging loved one requiring hospice care can cause stress; so much so that you don’t realize your own health and needs.

Hospice support can be offered in a multitude of settings, including private residences, hospitals, assisted living centers, and nursing homes.

Happier at Home can support your loved one’s quality of life while they are experiencing an advanced, life-limiting illness. Providing hospice support can help ensure that your loved one can live as fully and as comfortably as possible.