6 Outdoor Activities for Seniors & Their Caregivers

As the warm winds of Summer approach, there are many activities that seniors and their caregivers can enjoy together. Our Happier at Home caregivers are cognizant of your loved one’s needs and abilities, and finding suitable outdoor activities can take some planning. Here are some senior-friendly outdoor outings that caregivers and seniors can enjoy together:

1. Go to the farmer’s market. Older adults may have mobility issues, but their caregiver can be by their sides with a wheelchair or other assistive devices. Farmer’s markets are a great outdoor option to choose vibrant fruits and vegetables of the summertime. Your caregiver can help prepare a delicious summer meal with all the colorful ingredients at the farmer’s market.

2. Go to an outdoor concert. Many communities host live outdoor music events in summertime that your caregiver can accompany you to.

3. Treat yourself to ice cream. Satisfy your sweet tooth at the local ice cream shop! Our caregivers would be happy to enjoy an ice cream cone with your loved one while sitting at an outdoor park bench.

4. Picnic outdoors. Picnics are another flexible activity that can be accommodated to your loved one’s needs. Our caregivers can help to pick a shady spot outside ahead of time to stay safe while enjoying the outdoors.

5. Go fruit picking. Fruit picking is an excellent mild activity for seniors to enjoy the warm air without over-exerting themselves.

6. Attend a sporting event. Attending a grandchild’s soccer came or a professional baseball game is a wonderful pastime for seniors to reconnect with a favorite pastime while spending time with family. Your senior’s caregiver will be by your side to accompany them