Senior Fraud Prevention

Now more than ever, seniors are being targeted for scams and fraudulent activities. Seniors can be susceptible to fraud due to their trusting nature and lack of knowledge about what these scams can look like. Here are some general tips to help prevent senior fraud and common scams to look out for.

Common Scams:

  • Fake Lottery
  • Technical Support- These scams will try to help the senior with the technical issue when they are really just accessing more information.
  • Computer Virus- These scams are usually popups on browsers that give scammers direct access to the computer.
  • Email Phishing- These emails will usually look like they are coming from someone you know or a legitimate source and will ask for personal information.
  • Fake Charity Donations


  • Never give out personal information over the phone- Social Security Numbers, passwords, banking information, etc.
  • Don’t act quickly- These scams are usually built on a sense of urgency. Always take your time to make a decision.
  • Always ask for written materials about charities or offers- This will aid in identifying if it is a legitimate organization.
  • Ask a friend or family member if you ever feel off about a situation.

If you have been a victim or would like to report an incident, contact the Elder Fraud Hotline.

Our Happier at Home caregivers will also help you by being the ‘eyes and ears’ for the family.